Inspirational, funny & humanistic

Feedback on Bristol event from Thomas Tulodziecki
(Student mental health nurse – Southampton University)

I wanted to offer my thanks for a fantastic day. Jo, I enjoyed the coming together of so many strands of argument you have shared in this group, from Ruby Wax’s not-so-funny show to the infiltration of psychological therapies and the entrenchment of the biomedical in all areas of life. Ending on your poem was inspirational, and you performed it excellently. I know it was performed by someone else in the past, but there is something additionally moving about the emotion conveyed by the author themselves, and I am glad I had the opportunity to hear you perform it. Thank you for all your energies in making the event happen!

Dolly, I absolutely loved your talk and artwork, and the balance between conveying a serious message by discussing topics like racism, dignity and shame, and combining that with a cutting black humour, pissing on dreams, mister men etc. The choice you made to start creating is inspirational, and my sympathies to all the white coats (are we talking about sheep or doctors?!) who were unable to appreciate you.

Lucy, as with Jo and Nicky, your work has been very influential and I often recommend your Psychiatric Diagnosis book, particularly those chapters that chart service user views of diagnosis. I particularly liked your approach to team formulation, in which you balance being tactful and respectful with a confidence and willingness to challenge that engenders respect, and hope to be able to model something similar.

Gary, I enjoyed the combination of research and narrative that you put across in person as well as in writing, e.g. your humbling relationship with PTs and the bastardisation of commissioning services, and also felt the wider discussion inspired by your session was great. The idea of language not only enabling thought but shaping it is very powerful, and left a lot to think about (I will definitely have to use some of what was discussed as part of my critical group). It was nice to meet you in person, and I likewise hope we can mutually benefit eachother; for you to suggest that was incredibly kind.

Nollaig, my only regret during the day was not being able to attend your workshop, I’m sure it was excellent as you so passionately talk from the heart. I can be quite shy in person, but it was nice to be recognised, and thank you for the kind words. Very much hope to meet you again!

The day was very inspirational, funny, serious, humanistic, well-researched, artistic; there was something for everyone. My thanks to all involved.