Healing happens with re-storying

The day was skilfully woven together by Jo Watson who introduced the event with some wise words and then invited Jo McFarlane to speak. This included some of Jo’s life as well as some of hers and her partner Sally Fox heartfelt poetry. From there, Jo then introduced The main speaker, Lucy Johnstone, a clinical psychologist. Lucy Johnstone’s very informative input formed the bulk of the day as we all listened to her extensive experience and enormous effort in her approach to challenging main stream psychiatric diagnosis.

After the delicious lunch that was provided for us, Lucy continued with a workshop further exploring the days theme. The day was rounded up with Jasmine Gardosi, an exceptional talent with the spoken word, reading a poem written by Jo Watson and the combination of Jo’s powerful and moving poem read by the talented Jasmine brought the day to an impressive end.

The feel of the day was relaxed, very informative, well managed and by close, I am sure we all took plenty home to help expand our awareness and understanding around the days topic.

A quote from the day that stood out for me was from Lucy Johnstone quoting survivor Beth Filson, which made a very salient point and I fully agree, when we are given the opportunity; “healing happens with the re-storying of our lives” – Edward Giles, Counsellor