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Dr Gabor Mate talks to Jo Watson

In this interview Jo and Matt uncover the myths of what it is to be normal.

This one day event is for everyone who is interested in the current debates around mental health. It aims to attract psychologists, counsellors, service users, psychotherapists, mental health support professionals, psychiatrists, people with lived experience, managers and individuals with a personal interest. It is a chance to discuss the critical questions of the day around the biomedical model in mental health.A Disorder 4 Everyone‘A Disorder For Everyone!’ kicked off in Birmingham in October 2016. It went down really well and the potential for further events was clear from the get go!

We decided to put Lucy’s home town of Bristol next on the list followed by Edinburgh and London. Then, in November and December 2017 we hosted successful events in Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester.

2018 took us to Brighton and back to Birmingham, Edinburgh and London where we launched Mad in the UK on Sept 6th. We entered 2019 with events planned all over the place including Cardiff, York, Wolverhampton and Cumbria. On 20th September 2019 at our 18th event we will mark the launch of the PCCS BOOKS book Drop the Disorder! We are then set to visit Cardiff and Ipswich before the end of the year with Cornwall and London on the horizon early in 2020.

Our last event of 2018 in Leeds marked our 13th event and we enter 2019 with events planned in Cardiff, York, Wolverhampton and Cumbria with more in the pipeline. You can keep track of our forthcoming events HERE.

The theme and message of the event doesn’t change from one City to the next but the content of the day does as do the contributors involved. We usually open with a powerful piece that may be some poetry or an artistic presentation of sorts, and the afternoons may offer a choice of workshops or a separate afternoon presentation. We try to mix it up as much as possible. We have a fantastic collection of amazing contributors which is growing continuously as we make our way around the country. We are committed to opening up this discussion as much as possible and there seems to be plenty of evidence that people are eager to get involved.

We hope to see you in a town near you soon!