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Jo McFarlane is a poet who has lived in Edinburgh all her life and studied languages and philosophy, then a postgraduate degree in Community Education at the University of Edinburgh. She has worked in various voluntary sector roles, mainly in the field of advocacy, and has published several collections of poetry, articles and essays. The themes she writes about include creativity, volunteering, spirituality, social justice, diversity, mental health and childhood trauma – drawing on her own experience of these – as well as comic verse and observational pieces  on everything under the moon. Jo is regularly invited to give presentations and perform her poems at conferences and workshops including several recitals at the Scottish Parliament.

She has been referred to as ‘the poet laureate of recovery’ and ‘one of the most influential women in mental health in Scotland today’. Her memoir “Skydiving for Beginners: a journey of recovery and hope” is published by the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance.

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Jo McFarlane

Jo McFarlane

Poet, Activist & Author